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Lights, camera, sound, action: We’re excited to announce that our previously printed customer magazine, universal spotlight, is evolving into a dynamic online magazine (newsletter)! This digital publication includes a variety of video/audio and written content – and we're delighted to also offer it in English starting now. With this online magazine, set to be published several times a year, we can swiftly address current topics and present them to you through compelling digital media.

In this edition, we provide an insightful update on Universal Investment, a comprehensive overview of possible future trends in the fund industry, and a deep dive into why our platforms in Luxembourg and Ireland are indispensable to our clients. You’ll also have a chance to explore the most critical themes in this year’s ESG regulation, conveniently available via video. Also, discover how you can utilize the restored potential of bonds in a rule-based, cost-effective manner.

We wish you an enjoyable and informative read!

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Katja Mueller

Managing Director / Chief Customer Officer

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„Our clients are well-positioned on their journey into the future with us”


Photo: Katja Mueller;
Source: Alex Habermehl Fotografie

Much can be said about the finance industry, but no one can claim that the recent months and quarters have been uneventful. The turmoil caused by the war in Ukraine, the determined political will in matters of sustainability and climate change, along with the fluctuations in the financial markets have kept the industry lively. In the midst of all these developments, the Universal Investment Group has continued to evolve. Chief Customer Officer Katja Mueller shares her insights in this Spotlight Interview about the possible future direction of the fund industry as a whole and explains why she is confident in the success of industry specialists.

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ESG Regulatory Ticker

ESG: There are many roads to success

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Photo (from left to right):
Robert Bluhm and Bernd Obergfell;
Source: mjnt.

Sustainability is like a long journey where one must continuously adjust one’s plans to new conditions to navigate the ever-evolving regulatory landscape. In this interview, Robert Bluhm, Group Head of Sustainability at Universal Investment, provides an overview of the key developments in regulatory requirements this year, and explains the crucial aspects that hold significance in the strategies of fund initiators and asset owners.

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Fresh momentum in bonds


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A new era has dawned: last year’s interest rate hikes spelled the end of the prolonged phase of low interest rates. The ECB’s move to underpin risk assets through its Forward Guidance and prospect of sustainable zero interest rates are now all but a memory. Bonds are once again catching the attention of institutional investors and fund initiators. Short-term bonds currently offer particularly attractive yields. Euro Government Bills can reduce cash withdrawal risks. This article outlines the options that have re-surfaced in the bond sector after the lengthy dry spell, as well as shows how effective they can prove in various market scenarios.

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From congresses to panel discussions and award ceremonies, Universal Investment will be joining various events in the second half of 2023:

  • EXPO REAL, from October 4th to 6th, in Munich
  • Boutiques Awards 2023 (Universal Investment as sponsor with award presentation), on October 12th, in Frankfurt am Main
  • ALFI Cocktail & Conference, from October 18th to 19th, in London
  • HQT Institutional Investors Forum, on November 16th, in Frankfurt am Main
  • IPE CONFERENCE & AWARDS, from November 27th to 29th, in Vienna
  • Irish Fund Annual UK Symposium, on November 30th, in London

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Universal Investment looks forward to connecting with you!

You can find more details on the Events webpage.


The gateway to the savings bank sector


New distribution opportunities for fund initiators: Universal Investment is partnering with the BIS.on WMS platform, the leading securities management system for savings banks. This collaboration creates fresh avenues for fund initiators to explore distribution opportunities. The system was developed by the Frankfurt-based fintech company Dericon for NORD/LB.

Source: iStock/ANNVIPS

This platform provides a gateway for fund initiators of Universal Investment, granting them access to the important savings bank sector. "We assist fund initiators and asset managers in effectively distributing their investment solutions, ensuring that jointly launched funds are readily available to a wide range of investors," says Andreas Gessinger, Area Head Relationship Management Fund Initiators at Universal Investment. BIS.on WMS serves as an information platform for advisors from participating savings banks. They can easily access detailed information about available products with just a few clicks, including all the funds listed on the Universal Investment platform.


Review: CSDR Compliance


The Central Securities Depositories Regulation (CSDR) is another step taken by regulatory authorities with the aim of strengthening settlement efficiency in Europe. The CSDR imposes penalty fees on delayed securities transactions, which are borne by the party causing the delay. The scope of this regulation encompasses all securities transactions processed through a European Central Securities Depository (CSD).

Source: iStock/Jorisvo

Universal Investment has successfully implemented the CSDR for all its clients. In an 18-month, highly complex project, Universal Investment partnered with asset managers and custodians to ensure CSDR compliance across diverse client set ups, effectively meeting all deadlines.

Streamlining through a systematic approach
Within the scope of fund accounting, the respective CSDR reports from custodians are analysed and recorded in the accounting system. Insourcing clients, fund initiators, and asset managers involved in the "middle office function" also receive extensive CSDR monitoring services. Additionally, the middle office ensures that the CSDR reports are compliant with regulations and takes necessary actions to manage CSDR penalties in collaboration with external parties such as brokers and custodians.

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flowsuite behind the scenes


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Bastian Heinrich,
Andreas Kroh,
Matthias Biedenkapp

Front office, data warehouse, risk and performance management, and much more. These building blocks define the core of Universal-Investment-Labs (UI labs). Curious about how UI labs collaborates with its interconnected partners? Our engaging video series takes you behind the scenes of UI labs, SimCorp, and SynoFin.

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